The Amazing Race Episode 4 Recap

WARNING: THIS RECAP CONTAINS SPOILERS. So if you're not watching the show on the east coast feed, and you don't want to be spoiled, you may want to come back later.

After spending 2 full episodes in Ghana, the teams headed to northern Sweden. All the teams were given tickets there, but a handful of teams, including Team YouTube, found an earlier connecting flight from Frankfurt to Sweden.

The teams went to Ice Hotel where Michael and Kevin had the lamest speed bump ever: sitting on ice furniture for 10 minutes. From there it was off to racing dogs. Team YouTube maintained their lead despite the speed bump, while Jill and Thomas, the team with the Express Pass managed to get themselves lost and in last place. During the second commercial break, we wondered out loud whether they'd somehow manage to get eliminated without using it.

Teams got a choice between extreme sledding or building a teepee and setting up a bed in it. Team YouTube did the tent, where they lost the lead.

Nat & Kat came in first. Jill and Thomas cashed in their Express Pass to avoid elimination. They came in fifth. Team Glee was eliminated. Sad face. But at least they sang themselves off.

Next week: Wacky food in Norway!


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