New outdoor running personal best!

I was reminded of something again doing a 7.5 mile run outside - if my left knee didn't give me problems running outside, I could probably run next year's Edmonton marathon. I had a great run today - for about six-and-a-half miles, and then my knee just didn't want to run anymore. Now, that's about 2 miles later than my knee normally decides its had enough, so I'm hopeful that I can continue training at longer distances outside and have it hold up. But at 6 miles I wasn't the least bit tired and could have easily gone several more miles - except for my knee.

For the record, here are my mile markers for today:

Mile 1: 12:36
Mile 2: 11:58
Mile 3: 12:54
Mile 4: 11:28
Mile 5: 12:02
Mile 6: 12:46
Mile 7: 14:54

As you can see, I really had to slow my pace at the end due to the discomfort in my knee.

Still, 7.5 miles is the longest I've ever run outside, so I'm quite happy about that.


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