The Amazing Race Season 21 Episode 5 Spoiler Review

We start with James engaging in a video chat with his wife, where he finds out that his dad has really bad cancer. It's a rare glimpse behind the scenes on the show.

The teams had to a bazaar for their next clue, and then it's off to find another clue under a bridge. The Roadblock involved constructing a scale and then balancing 4 rocks with wood on the other side. Abby and James completed the task while maintaining their lead.

From there, it was the Detour - making a jute bag, or deliver bamboo to a construction site. Abby and James picked the bamboo option.

Back at the Roadblock, there was much "GO TWINNIE!" again. Please, let the twins be eliminated. The non-participating twin even got a kid screaming it. Argh.

Meanwhile, back at the start line, the Goat Farmers were having trouble finding their first clue, which was at a marked taxi stand. Trey and Lexi caught up to them in a battle for the basement.

The Twins passed Abbie and Ryan at the Roadblock and moved into second, while Ryan lamented that should have done the task.

James and Abba still had their lead after the bamboo task and from there it was off to the pit stop at a museum. Hmmm ... it's only 29 minutes into the show and we're already off to the pit stop?

Meanwhile, the body count mounted back at the bamboo task, where TWINNIES managed to hit passersby and the camera man with giant bamboo poles.

Abbie and Ryan did the jute bag manufacturing, which resulted in a tremendous "jute force" pun.

Trey and Lexi worked their way up the ranks at the Detour, moving into 5th and leaving the Goat Farmers behind.

And 32 minutes past the hour, James and Abba checked into the pit stop as Team 1, having never surrendered their lead during this leg.

Meanwhile, back at the Detour, the Goat Farmers were still trying to figure out how to build the scale properly.

Abbie and Ryan were Team No. 2 and were unhappy because Ryan wanted to set the new Amazing Race record for overall leg wins at 9.

The Chippendales forgot 3 pieces of bamboo, providing the smallest possibility that the Goat Farmers won't finish last and providing the only real race drama of the entire episode.

Twinnies were third. Monster Truckers fourth. Trey and Lexi moved into fifth.

The Chippendales finished sixth.

The Goat Farmers were last to arrive, but it was a non-elimination leg. So they live to run another day.

Next week: Teams are off to Turkey and end up in a Turkish bath.


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