Mike's Mini Music Review - Newsboys: God is Not Dead Live in Concert

I've said repeatedly that all albums should be recorded live, and the Newsboys "God is Not Dead Live in Concert" release out today (a rare Monday music release?) is just another example of why. There is an energy with live music that just can't be replicated in a studio setting, and I daresay that anyone who has ever performed with a band in front of a live crowd would agree.

And this is a fantastic live album - full of songs that are better than the studio versions of same, and pumped up full of vibrancy and the kind of passion that comes from singing with a big crowd. It's at least as good as the "old" Newsboys previous live album, Houston We Are Go, which is another tremendous collection of songs.

As an aside, I've done a complete 180 on the "new" Newsboys. When Michael Tait joined the band, I was really kind of "meh" on the whole deal and some of the early concert videos I saw on YouTube of him with the band didn't rock my world. But their studio work since that time have reinvented the band's sound and made me a huge fan.

So, big thumbs up for this one!


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