Survivor Philippines Episode 3 Spoiler Review

Abi and RC are chilling on the beach, arguing. And RC says that they "clicked" on day 1. Geez. I'm not sure how you can click and do nothing but bicker. And RC gets tired of the arguing and gets up and leaves and that starts a bigger argument. Tremendous.

So Abi goes and tells Peter about her and RC finding the immunity idol clue and decides she wants to find it before RC does.

Meanwhile, Pete tells Lisa that the tribe wants to get rid of her, and plots to take out Mike instead.
Over at Jonathan's tribe, Jeff and Dana notice that the emblem off the rice box is gone, an figured that might have been the immunity idol, and figured Jonathan had it. So they plot to get rid of Jonathan.

Russell's tribe didn't properly secure their raft and it floated out to sea. These guys can't do anything right. Denise, the sex therapist, believed that Malcolm, one half of the Power Couple, would cut Angie loose when the time was right to keep their alliance.

I know I type this every week, but this show looks almost too good in HD.

The immunity challenge involved diving for puzzle wheels to create a word. And the first 2 tribes will also win fishing kits.

Michael Skupin managed to shatter his team's diving mask all over his face, resulting in him bleeding and attracting sharks from half the ocean. Russell's team had trouble swimming and diving in a swimming and diving competition, but that's par for the course with that group.

Jonathan's team finished first, Skupin's team second, and Russell's team once again finished last.

Jonathan decided he needed to bring Jeff into his inner circle by telling him he had the idol.

Artis was intervi- WHO!? Artis? WHO IS ARTIS!? I believe this is the first time we're seeing him the entire game. I'm not even sure he was a part of the game during the first 2 weeks. Maybe he was a producer playing a prank.

While Skupin's tribe went clamming, Abi went looking for the immunity idol and found it and shared it with Pete, who called her his "right-hand man." Dude needs an anatomy lesson.

Malcolm and Denise were trying to figure out whether to get rid of Angie or Russell. Considering Malcolm is having night cuddles with Angie, I don't think this is a difficult choice for him, really.

Much of the next 10 minutes involved Russell talking to the camera while dramatic military music played over him. It was kinda weird.

Tribal Council involved Angie and Russell arguing over who was going to sacrifice more. Russell won the argument by pulling the "I almost died the last time I was here and you struggled in 2 feet of water. " Angle had no comeback for that and she teared up.

Amazingly, Malcolm did break up with his game girlfriend, and the Power Couple is no more. Wow. I'm truly surprised. Angie is history.

Next week: Maybe Russell's team actually wins immunity?


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