Survivor Philippines Episode 4 Spoiler Review

We start at Russell's decimated tribe and approximately 2 minutes of no dialogue. Just a lot of sitting and staring. In the rain. Russell decides it's time to mount the greatest comeback ever. Well, it beats the alternatives.

Over to Mike's tribe, and it's still raining. Pete stirred up stuff by having the the immunity idol clue suddenly appear, and that set Abi off against RC.

Meanwhile, at Jonathan's tribe, Jeff made himself useful to Jonathan and continued their alliance, although it's apparent that Jonathan trusts Jeff more than the other way around. Carter joined the group. And then the girls started plotting against the guys.

Back at Russell's camp, he actively goes looking for the immunity idol, and he narrates his own search by talking about how he's going to be walking past it over and over again while people at home are screaming at the TV. Fantastic editing there by CBS.

Denise sees Russell digging around the corner of the shelter, and tells Malcolm that she thinks he has the idol. So they go through his stuff to try to find it!

Back in kindergarten, er, I mean, at Mike's tribe. RC and Abi squabble like six-year-olds. It was crazy. And then RC does a cutaway interview wearing a long trenchcoat. OK. But at least RC realizes that she's in danger of being voted out.

In the immunity challenge, both the non-loser tribes sat out all their female competitors to go three-on-three-on-three with Russell's 2 men, 1 woman tribelet. The challenge involved balancing pots and an obstacle course. Amazingly, Russell's tribe jumped out to an early lead. That "Artis" guy made his weekly cameo appearance.

Mike's tribe won the first immunity. Jonathan's tribe won second immunity.

And for the 4th week in a row, Russell's tribe is off to tribal council. And then Russell had a complete meltdown. Well, so much for the greatest comeback in the history of Survivor.

And Russell gets voted off.

Next week: Another medical emergency. And Denise and Malcolm go scrambling for the immunity idol.


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