The Amazing Race Season 21 Episode 4 Spoiler Review

The teams are off to Bangladesh and then have to head to a bus repair shop for their next clue. Of course, the first flight isn't until the next day and everyone is on the same plane, so it's another airport equalizer that drives me crazy.

At the airport, all the teams rushed out into traffic to get a cab and the Monster Truckers casually walked over to the taxi stand and ordered a cab, and got into first place. Although they didn't arrive at the Roadblock first as they took a scenic tour of a garbage dump first. The Roadblock also had the Fast Forward clue. One member of the team had to repair and refurbish a bus.

The Rock/Law team went for the fast forward, that involved grabbing dead rats from three different locations. From a bucket. So the rat part wasn't that much of a challenge. It was harder to find the locations.

The Chippendales struggled with the bus task while the Twins not only did well, they annoyed everyone with their "GO TWINNIE!" screaming. Which is understandable. It's insufferable.

From there, it was off to a market where they had to find the right stall, and then search through a bag of small dried fish for one painted with Race colors.

Abbie and Ryan were the first to the fish market and found it quickly. From there, it was off to pound out a spike at a blacksmith shop, or make a cotton mattress.

Trey and Lexi had more than the usual cab trouble - the cab driver was pouring Sprite on his engine to get the car to work. They had to get out and push.

James and Abba's Fast Forward gamble paid off and they were Team No. 1. Finishing first now gives them a big lead that will last until the next airport.

After the Detour, teams had to take a boat across the river to the pit stop. Abbie and Ryan and Twinnies were on the same boat and in a foot race to the finish. Abbie and Ryan were team 2, twins were third.

The Monster Truck team were fourth to arrive, but they came by the wrong boat to the wrong place. And then Mr. Monster Trucker took it out on his poor boat driver.

Trey and Lexi also took a cab to where they were supposed to go by boat, and the Goat Farmers corrected their error when they passed on a bridge and sent them back. Goat Farmers were team 4. Monster Truckers were team 5. Chippendales were 6. Trey and Lexi were 7. Gary and Will also screwed up the final clue. They were last and eliminated.

Next week: It's hot and teams struggle.


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