Survivor Philippines Episode 6 Spoiler Review

At Jonathan's tribe, Katie has realized her position is precarious, and she moved to get rid of Jonathan so that she can get through the merge.

At Mike's tribe, Mike is eating raw rice and there's not a lot left for the tribe. Even Artis was upset! And Artis is making only his second appearance in six episodes. So he must be mad!

So, basically, 5 minutes into tonight's episode, the theme is both returning Survivors are being targeted.

The reward challenge was a version of American Gladiators' Atlas Ball competition. The winning tribe got a Survivor bistro. After an hour, it was a total stand off in the mud. So they started negotiating an agreement to end the game, considering they had to score 3 points to win and no one had scored anything after what seemed like 100 days. Jonathan was willing to trade the rest of their rice for the sandwiches. Artis wasn't happy.

Jonathan's tribe chowed down from lunch and also got their letters from home. Everyone cried.

Back at Mike's camp, Artis went into a quiet rage, and got more TV time than he's had the entire season. Maybe he really is part of this game! And the rest of the tribe also figured that Mike's decision to basically forfeit their reward for rice wasn't a good idea. And they also discovered they basically went from having 1 day of rice left to 2.

Back from commercial, we get Jonathan trying to fish. Comedy ensues. And his tribe also starts second guessing their deal. Jonathan speared 2 gold fish. Fish McNuggets.

The immunity challenge was catching balls from a sling shot. Mike's tribe came from behind to win 5-4.

Jeff figured he had to get rid of Jonathan. Jonathan wanted to get rid of Katie.

At Tribal Council, Jeff flat out asked Jonathan if he was worried about a blindside. Jonathan said he wouldn't like being blindsided but said he'd appreciate the game play. And after a lot of chit chat, Jeff declared a blindside was coming, but no one on the tribe thought it would be them.

Katie was voted out.

Next week: A twist in the game.


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