Survivor Philippines Episode 5 Spoiler Review

So, we have a tribe of 2 now. I'm thinking that tonight is either the merge or some kind of draft to split them up, because otherwise there's no real resolution to THAT Tribal Council vote. The 2 of them went looking for the immunity idol and Malcolm eventually figured it out and got it from the top of the rice basket.

At the reward challenge, Malcolm and Denise were, in fact, drafted to the other tribes. Malcolm went to Mike's tribe and Denise to Jonathan's tribe in a blind buff pick. The reward was coffee and cookies. The challenge was hand to hand combat that involved knocking an idol out of the other person's hand. Malcolm brought home the victory of his new tribe, making himself very valuable and a target at the same time.

Everyone on Mike's tribe was happy to have Malcolm except RC, who suddenly had flashbacks to being bullied in school. That was strange.

Pete grabbed Malcolm and worked him into his alliance and he told Malcolm that he has the idol.

Over at Jonathan's tribe, Katie decided she needed to get Denise into their all-girls alliance against the guys. Dana struggled with the cold and the rain and was having bad stomach pains. Jonathan showed tremendous sympathy by telling the camera that Dana is 47 lbs and her body is probably just shutting down. So the Survivor Medical crew showed up, along with Jeff. Medical figured she could stay in the game and her pain wasn't life threatening. But Dana decided she couldn't take it anymore and she pulled herself from the game.

And Katie immediately realizes that her alliance is now screwed.

The immunity challenge was a big obstacle course with a puzzle component. Mike's tribe won by literally a second or two over Jonathan's tribe, sending them to tribal council for the first time.

Dawson told Katie she sucked at the challenge, but thought maybe that Denise would be the better idea seeing as she's new to the tribe. Denise joined the men's alliance. The men were choosing between Katie or Dawson.

Dawson tweaked Jeff the baseball player about how baseball is terrible, as she knows who he is, and he's kinda figured out that she knows.

Dawson ended up getting voted out. She wasn't expecting it. But she gave Jeff a big hug and kiss on the way out, which looked awkward.

Next week: Artis makes another appearance.


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