The Amazing Race Season 21 Episode 3 Spoiler Review

Oh, this is great. I was 50 minutes into this episode and had a big long review typed out and then I accidentally closed BlogPress on my iPad ... and I hadn't saved the review. Argh. So I lost about 600 words worth of review, including a classic rant about last week's nonsensical "bull racing" task, which basically involved watching other people race bulls. It was easily the stupidest thing ever on the Amazing Race.

So, the quick by memory recap of tonight's episode after I nuked my longer review: teams had to stack 20 plates of food at a restaurant, take a train, either have a coconut lit on their head and have eggs cooked on it or wear a giant lion's head in a parade.

Amongst the teams, the Divorced Dating duo who won the first leg won this leg as well, with Texas a close second.

The Twins fell behind early and came in sixth.

The final 2 became a battle between the U-Turned Gary and Will and the Caitlin and Brittany, the latter of whom argued with their pedal bike cab drivers ALL DAY LONG. One of them at one point complained out loud about how someone from Indonesia didn't speak English, and at another point, had a 15 minute screaming fight with one of the drivers over how much the ride cost.

It was literally a race to the finish line, with the two pedal cabs going all out on the streets, with one team taking a left turn and the other taking a right turn at a crossroads.

Gary and Will took the right turn, which turned out to be the right turn, and won the bicycle cab race when the Blondes' pedal cab driver got lost AGAIN after taking the wrong turn.

The Blondes were eliminated. So for the second leg in a row, a team is eliminated because of a bad cab driver.

Next week: Bangladesh.


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