UFC 136 thoughts

Wow, what a card last night!

Spoilers ahead after the jump break:

So, Chael Sonnen totally manhandled Brian Stann and then cut the best promo of all times, challenging middleweight champion Anderson Silva to a loser-leaves-town match during the Superbowl weekend PPV, saying that if he (Sonnen) wins, Silva has to leave the middleweight division, and if he loses, Sonnen will leave UFC forever. There's no way Silva will agree those stipulations, but with those 2 sentences, Sonnen just sold 1 million PPV buys.

The Edgar-Maynard light heavyweight title main event wasn't as exciting as their fight earlier this year, but at least it had a finish, with Edgar TKO'ing Maynard in the 4th round. Up until that point, the fight was unfolding remarkably like their January tilt, with Edgar surviving a brutal beating in round 1 and Maynard being unable to finish him, and then Maynard trying to merely outpoint Edgar for the rest of the fight. But Frankie caught Gray in round 4 and put him down. Good for Frankie. I'm a big fan.

The Aldo-Florian featherweight title fight wasn't anything terrribly special, but neither was it horrible. The five-round decision went to Aldo, as Florian choked yet again in his third (and probably final) UFC title shot. On the main card, this was the worst fight and it was merely "average."

The Garcia-Phan fight was all kinds of ridiculous fun, as most Leonard Garcia fights are. And the Melvin Guillard-Joe Lauzon fight ended with a quick submission by Joe, which surprised the heck out of our viewing group - and Melvin.

All in all, one of UFC's best shows of the year, rivalling that of the UFC 132 card in the summer.


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