The Amazing Race 19 - Episode 5

When we last left our intrepid racers, the twins were spared elimination by the generous graces of the producers who wanted to keep two cuties in - er, I mean, it was a non-elimination leg, and it was entirely a coincidence they were saved. Hot dog!

Teams had to take a taxi to an elephant river trek. The snowboarders declared that when they get home, they're buying an elephant. (Call it "Stampy.") They quickly made it to the Roadblock, where they had to search for a flautist and search a waterfall for the next clue - which was a ceramic koi fish. They immediately figured out to smash it to find the clue - and I'm betting some teams won't figure that out to our delight and amusement (Note: I was wrong). From there, it was off to ANOTHER roadblock arts and crafts shop, putting together a "spirit house." Justin and Jennifer had their taxi driver take a picture with his smart phone of the model spirit house to help them reassemble it properly. Sneaky. But it worked.

The snowboarders were the first off to Bangkok, where they had to feed fish to get their next clue. (The tasks seem relatively straightforward tonight.) Several other teams made the same bus. Laurence and Zac decided they got on the wrong bus (they were on a first class bus, and claimed that the rules don't let them go first class), got off and walked back. So instead of being on a 4:30 afternoon bus, they ended up on an 8 p.m. bus.

The twins' speed bump involved having to wash their elephant and do some scooping duty. They were ridiculously happy to do this. Downright giddy. Well, I suppose if you have to wash an elephant in Thailand as part of a reality TV show, you may as well enjoy it. One of them declared it to be the best day of her life. And then the best day of their life crumbled when they missed their bus due to their taxi driver demanding more money. (This was just after Ernie and Cindy got into a fight with their taxi driver over paying him in American dollars, that resulted in some random Thai woman threatening to call the cops on them. Note to vacationers in Thailand: Don't screw around with your taxi drivers.)

Ah, but it was a happy ending, because the cab driver agreed to not only take less money, but drive the twins to catch their bus. Guess the producers REALLY want the girls to stay in th-er, I guess the great citizens of Thailand are compassionate.

Ernie and Cindy were the first to feed the fish (yeah, some really tough tasks tonight...) and headed off to the pit stop. But they had cab trouble (I'm sensing a theme) so Amani and Marcus ended up in first place. They screamed really loud. Bill and Cathi were No. 2. Ernie and Cindy were third.

The snowboarders stopped to get directions, and the person they asked took off with their clue, which was a problem. The twins, meanwhile, kept getting free cab rides.

The snowboarders fell to fifth place.

Phil explained to Laurence and Zac, as they finished sixth, that there's no rule against taking a first class bus, and that rule only applies to air travel. D'oh!

Alas, the poor twins ended up in last place again, despite all the efforts of the produc-, er, I mean, despite the goodwill of the great people of Thailand giving them free cab rides.

Next week: Hopefully something tougher than FEEDING FISH! Like, TOBACCO RACES! AWESOME!


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