Survivor South Pacific Episode 4 Review

The duel between Christine and Papa Bear ended with Christine landing 10 bean bags on crates before the former cop. Papa Bear heading back to New York.

On Coach's tribe, they started to become annoyed with Edna because she's ... happy and talkative. Yeah.

On Team Ozzy, Jim and Cochran plotted to take out Elyse.

The immunity challenge was the classic weight bearing game of loading sandbags on to poles carried by opposing tribe members. Jim and Russell Hantz's Nephew set new Survivor records by holding 240 lbs before collapsing. Dawn and Stacey were the final two. Stacey dropped her pole first and Dawn won for Team Ozzy, sending back to camp with immunity and chickens.

Back at camp, Edna decided she's on the chopping block as the weakest player. Meanwhile, Stacey emerged as easily the most annoying player of the season.

Russell Hantz's Nephew had a melt down at tribal council largely over being Russell Hantz's Nephew.

After an otherwise lackluster tribal council, Stacey was voted out and she left angry and bitter.

Next week: Benjamin


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