The Amazing Race 19 - Episode 4

So BlogPress has decided it doesn't like iOS 5 and is going all crashy-crashy on me so I'm posting this with the far inferior Blogger app.

The teams headed out to Phuket, Thailand. Oh, the pronunciation jokes ...

The snowboarders and father/son sailing team of Laurence and Zac ended up on different flights than everyone else and ended up more than an hour behind. But all the teams ended up bunched at the first task, so it didn't matter.

At the Detour, teams had to either build a coral nursery or set up 20 sets of beach chairs and umbrellas. The snowboarders quickly finished the coral task and took a big lead. The other teams struggled with the current and the wind and several teams switched tasks ... just as the wind picked up and knocked umbrellas over. One of the twins got totally bonked in the head.

The Roadblock involved scaling a sheer cliff-face. Again, the snowboarders killed it and went racing to the pit stop where they were team 1. "You guys absolutely smoked this course," exclaimed Phil. Ahem.

Ernie and Cindy apparently missed the fact they were given a compass along with their "Go north" clue and sent themselves and their boat to a watery grave in the middle of the ocean. RIP. (No, not really. But they did go south and get lost.)

Meanwhile the twins both had meltdowns over not being able to get their beach chairs set up and were last to the rock climbing task.

Laurence and Zac, the sailors, also managed to get lost at sea. Egads. But they did end up in 4th.

The twins went to the finish line disappointed and expecting to be eliminated.

But it was a non-elimination leg, and the twins were spared.

Next week: Riding elephants!


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