iOS 5 impressions

Like most of the civilized world, I've been spending my free time upgrading my various iOS devices to iOS 5. Here's some thoughts on the whole process and the new features....

My iPhone 4 was the first device to be upgraded. I did it last night later in the evening (OK, 8 p.m., but for me, that's "later in the evening." Bed time, practically.) It was the longest and toughest upgrade. The install borked after installing iOS 5 when iTunes reported it couldn't find the "pairing file". Some Google work indicated I had to reboot my computer and then manually reinstall my backup. Took about 70 minutes total. 

Upgrading my daughter's 4th Gen iPod Touch and my wife's 3rd Gen iPod Touch went a lot smoother and took a lot less time.

As far as the new features go:

I like the background and wireless syncing. I love the new notification system. I'm slightly confused by iMessage. I mean, I know how it works, but can an iPod Touch user on wifi use it to actually send an SMS/text message to a normal cellphone? It would appear not, but the Apple documentation doesn't really say either way. Otherwise, iMessage is good.

Also, while the built-in Twitter features mostly work really well, I cannot for the life of me get it to tweet a picture (see attached screen shots). I've got the Twitter settings set for photos set to "on" so that can't be it. And the baked-in Twitter will tweet from Safari and YouTube and everything else it's supposed to - except the camera roll. Weird. If anyone has encountered the same problem and has a solution, please let me know.

Ironically, of course, Camera+ has had the ability to tweet straight to Twitter from within the app for quite a while. And I use and love Camera+, so short of it not having the "volume button shutter" (which it did have at one point, and Apple forced that feature out as unauthorized) it still does everything better than the new iOS 5 camera app anyway. So while not being able to tweet from the photo roll is slightly irritating, I've been doing it from the Camera+ app all along.

EDIT: Turns out the photo tweeting glitch was Twitter's fault. So, er, nevermind.


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