Belated UFC 137 thoughts

I watched this card over at my brother's house as he wanted to show off his new home theatre, but if he hadn't invited us over, I probably would not have bought it on my own, given that the GSP-Condit title fight was pulled a couple of weeks ago due to injury. If Dana White wants to know why buyrates are down, well, if this had been a WWE show, it would have been headlined by, I dunno, Chris Jericho vs. James Storm, with a semi-main event of Zack Ryder vs. Big Zeke. There's no way that Mitrione vs. Kongo is a semi-main event on PPV. A year ago, that fight would have barely made the Spike TV prelims. UFC really has to start loading up the PPV cards and make them seem special.

And when this show was over, basically all I remembered was:

1) Diaz's promo and GSP's "ooh, I'm scared" gesture
2) The apparent retirement of BJ Penn
3) The apparent retirement of Cro Cop

... and that's about it.

Don't get me wrong - the main event was a fun fight and I always enjoy getting together with people to watch UFC shows, but a 3-round non-title fight that at the time wasn't even billed as a No. 1 contenders match (though it turned out to be) isn't worth $65 in HD. And there sure as heck wasn't anything else on this card worth $65. So, thumbs in the middle on this one.


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