Survivor South Pacific - Episode 7 Review

Wasting no time, the show starts with the duel between Christine and Mikayla, which Christine won. Again.

Coach and the tribe prayed that they'd find the idol (which Coach already had) and then, miraculously, they found the idol 5 minutes later! I can't decide if that was funny or blasphemous.

The immunity challenge had the tribes painted up in sets of freakish twins. Guess it's the Halloween episode. The tie-in was a movie that isn't getting mentioned because I'm not getting promotional money. Let's just say that the twin-painting thing was disturbing. Coach's team won. At least, I think it was his team - I couldn't tell from all the face paint. Coach's team gathered for a winning prayer, while Ozzy had an angry meltdown.

Ozzy wanted to send Cochran to Redemption Island, and everyone basically agreed. But Ozzy also offered himself up to go to Redemption, as part of some big plot to get rid of Christine and get his redemption ahead of the merge which everyone expects will be taking place "tomorrow". This, apparently, involves telling Christine that Cochran had the idol and blindsided Ozzy out. I think the heat is getting to Ozzy. Jeff more or less called Ozzy a moron. Cochran geeked out over being part of one of the most bold and dangerous moves in Survivor history. Ozzy gave Cochran the immunity idol.

And Ozzy is voted to Redemption Island.

Next week: We all assume there's no merge and Ozzy is going home as the biggest fool to ever play the game. The actual preview for the show doesn't suggest anything different.


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