Twitter for iPhone is great, but ...

Twitter for iPhone has finally arrived, and while it's a very slick app, I don't think it's going to replace TweetDeck on my iPod Touch anytime soon.

Which is a shame, in a sense, because I really, really like the iPhone Twitter app. But TweetDeck (and HootSuite, which is my desktop social media interface of choice) has spoiled my iPhone tweeting experience by giving me the ability to update and monitor Twitter and Facebook at the same time. The iPhone Twitter app doesn't, which means I have to load the Twitter app and check it separately from the Facebook app.

Sure, I can update Facebook from the Twitter app with the #fb tag and the Selective Tweets app in Facebook itself, but TweetDeck makes that unnecessary.

Yeah, yeah, that's one of those "first-world" complaints, but it's also the way I use Twitter and Facebook now.

I'll leave the iPhone Twitter app on my iPod for now, but I suspect it's not going to get a lot of use.


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