Are You Ready For Your Bacon Latte?

Bacon donuts. Bacon and egg burgers. Bacon cooked in a machine gun. Have we left anything out that might make your breakfast extra-super-bacony? Of course: bacon-flavored coffee! Thanks to the syrup sprites at Torani, this frontier has at last been breached, and bacon lattes are just a stirrer away.

The syrup is available through Torani's web site for $6.95 a bottle. According to Torani:
'Bacon enthusiasts will recognize the same savory, meaty flavor as authentic bacon in this salty, sweet syrup. Torani Bacon syrup adds savory bacon flavor to cocktails, lattes, sauces and more. Just add 1/2 - 1 oz. of syrup to a 6-8 oz. beverage, and enjoy this innovative new flavor from Torani.'

Torani kindly supplies recipes for such classic beverages as the Bacon Alexander and the Bacon Bourbon Sour, the latter of which includes bacon syrup, lemon juice, bourbon, and a strip of real bacon as a garnish. Yum!

Bacon Syrup [Torani via Gizmodo]


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