Epcor threatens to disconnect my 12-year-old?

As alluded to on Twitter, we had a funny incident with Epcor yesterday. I got home from work and my 12-year-old daughter indicated she had a voicemail on her cellphone that she didn't understand. So I dialed it up and there was a message from a very stern-sounding lady at Epcor informing my daughter in so many words that her account was past-due and that a disconnection notice was being served on her services, and that if she had any questions to call Epcor, and she provided a phone number.

Of course, 12-year-olds don't have power bills with big utility companies so this was obviously a misdial of some kind. But I figured that the poor folks who were about to be cut off should at least get the same fair warning my 12-year-old did, so I called the number provided by the stern-sounding lady and very politely and even jovially informed them that they had just left a puzzling voicemail on my 12-year-old's cellphone about disconnecting her and, of course, this must be a mistake.

The Epcor representative asked for some details from me and quickly confirmed that the name on the delinquent account was not, in fact, that of my 12-year-old, or anyone else in our family for that matter. And we surmised that, because my daughter's cellphone has only been in existence a few months, that her number must have been recycled from someone connected to the delinquent account. The Epcor rep removed my girl's cell number from the account ensuring that she doesn't continue to get calls related to this file.

The whole episode was over in less time than it took me to type this. And we still have power today, so it all turned out fine.


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