The UFC 100 Greatest Fights - Final Thoughts

Now that I'm done reviewing the entire DVD set, some final thoughts:
  • GSP may be the single greatest fighter the UFC has ever had.
  • Chuck Liddell may be the most over-rated and one-dimensional fighter ever in UFC.
  • Randy Couture may actually be underrated, despite all his accolades and championships. The guy is a machine.
  • Stephan Bonnar's career peaked with the first Forrest Griffin fight. Think about that. The worst thing Dana White ever did was promise Bonnar he'd never be cut from UFC because of his role in the original TUF and what that meant for UFC.
  • UFC's done a good thing keeping Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan together as long as they have, as they bring continuity, history and good teamwork to the announce booth
  • It's amusing to see UFC blur the Affliction logo from fighters' shirts yet sell those shirts in their online store.
  • It's amazing that I can recite the back stories to half these fights, despite many of them being years old, but it took me a while to think of who is the current WWE IC champion.
  • It's a shame, in a way, that these fights are ranked by order of "best" and not done chronologically, because a lot of the stories actually get told entirely in reverse on the DVD set.
  • The UFC is totally missing the boat on not doing fighter-specific DVD sets - a 3-disc Best of Randy Couture or Best of GSP would probably do very well, as would Championship sets, like "History of the UFC Light-heavyweight Title."
  • This is an awesome set and you should go buy it now.


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