Mike’s Mini Music Review – Fireflight – For Those Who Wait

albumpreview_artistThe good folks at New Release Tuesday  have another fantastic free album preview (free registration required to listen) up this week – Fireflight’s forthcoming disc, For Those Who Wait (out Feb. 9)

I’ve listened to it a few times already, and I’m really enjoying it, particularly the front half of the album which is a bunch of straight up rockers – For Those Who Wait, Desperate, Fire In My Eyes, Core of My Addiction … all good stuff. I haven’t spent a lot of time with the back half of the disc, but I recall it had more ballads and it was fine.

I confess, I haven’t heard a lot of Fireflight’s stuff, and I’d be hard-pressed to tell you … well, really anything about them. Based on this free preview, though, I think I’ll be tracking down more of their stuff. Plus, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for female fronted rock bands. Thumbs up.


Mike Jenkinson said…
Geez, could I have used the word "stuff" more in this review? I must have been pretty tired when I wrote it.

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