Mike's Mini Music Review - Stellar Kart - Everything Is Different Now

I've got so much to say about the New Release Tuesday preview of this album, and I don't know where to start. So I'll start here: The song We Shine is fantastic. I love this song - it's got a U2 Discotheque feel to it that totally works. It's a happy, fun, celebratory song that, frankly, I think Christian music needs more of.

I'm all for the reflective worship songs of God's awe and majesty and such, and there are a lot of songs of brokenness and healing and things like that. But we need, well, more Christian party songs. And We Shine is one of those rare Christian party songs - a rock anthem that's almost defiant in its declaration of freedom and joy, with a killer guitar riff at the end. Great stuff that I can't stop singing.  (Plus, it's the perfect running cadence for me, so, BONUS!)

Beyond that, my feeling on this album is that it's largely a collection of rock worship songs for men. These are manly songs full of images of freedom, warriors, and the like that I think will appeal to guys in a way that, well, Hillsong United may not.

So, in short, I love this album - or, at least, the 30 minutes worth of it that we're getting the free preview of. The full album doesn't drop for another month or so, but it's gonna be a winner. Massive thumbs up.


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