Mike's Mini Music Review - Starfield - The Saving One

There's always one song on a Starfield album that I absolutely fall in love with and it becomes one of my "favorite songs of all time." On the last album, it was Reign in Us. Previously, Son of God ... just great worship songs that I'll never get tired of singing.

On their new album The Saving One, it's, well, The Saving One.

I was absolutely blown away when I heard the album version of the song The Saving One. I'd heard the acoustic version in concert and in various incarnations on YouTube, and I really liked the simple, stripped down version of the song. And, honestly, it was that version I was expecting on the album. Instead, Starfield gave us both the acoustic version and a fully-produced near-rock version of the song that fills me with such so much joy. (And the acoustic version is great, too!)

I know I say it a fair bit when reviewing music that such-and-such-a-song is my new favorite song ever - and The Saving One is one of those songs - but I can't help it. I love music. And I love music that I love. Which is to say there are certain kinds of songs that I just gravitate towards, and this is one of them: soaring vocals, cool harmonies, driving beats, bullet drums, easy to sing ... but what takes this song over the top is something really simple. Starfield doesn't end the song on the chorus. Instead, they end on a repeat of the bridge. And it works. I can't explain it, but it works. In fact, literally the last half of the song - the final 2 minutes - is nothing but repeating the chorus and the bridge and it's 2 fabulous minutes of music.

The rest of the album deserves the superlatives its largely getting. I've only been through the entire album once so far, but there was lots of songs I really enjoyed - No Other Savior is another tremendous worship song; Something To Say is a barren, stripped down song about those times when God seems distant and its brutal honesty is oddly refreshing. Absolutely is another song that, like The Saving One and No Other Savior, will become a staple of many church worship services. Based on my initial listen, the only song that really didn't click for me was the rocker Top Of Our Lungs, of which the components were really good, but the parts were better than the whole.

But otherwise, there's a lot to love here. Another great Starfield album!


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