Fitness File 4

Another in a regular series of entirely self-indulgent posts updating my major fitness goals for 2010: Complete at least one 15K run (9.3 miles) and get my weight down to 175 lbs.

OK, this was the week reality hit in my ways: a busy Tuesday schedule had me running early in the morning intead of the afternoon, so I only got 2.5 miles in there before going to work, and I ended up skipping my Friday afternoon weight training session because, well, I was just tired and figured that I was risking injuring myself if I went and did weights zero motivation and even less energy.
  • This week's running mileage: 13.5  miles
  • This week's cycling mileage: 17.5 miles
  • Two sessions of weight training: 60 minutes total.
  • Weight: 179 lbs.


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