Welcome to 2010!

I have one major life goal this year (and it's pretty much the same goal I have every year) and that's to drop some weight (EDIT: Of course, I forgot to add that my actual fitness goal for the year is to run 15K in one go). I've been stuck in a the 180 lbs to 183 lbs range for a couple of years now, occasionally dropping down to 178 lbs. And thanks to Christmas, I've been more in the 184 lbs to 186 lbs range of late.

So my goal for 2010 is to drop down to 175 lbs. The initial goal is to get below 180 lbs, and then go from there. I've gone back to weight training twice a week, and that coupled with running and (stationary) cycling two or three times a week should help. Well, that and staying on the wagon when it comes to food. I love food.

And, with that, I'm off to run 10K.

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