The Amazing Race 22 Episode 9 Spoiler Review

Teams head to Dresden, Germany. By train, of course. And then on to the Ministry of Finance. All the teams were on the same train. On of the hockey brothers had his backpack taken on the train. He at least had his passport, so he could still continue in the race. Teams grabbed their cars and had to answer three political questions about the fall of the Berlin Wall from the in-car computer system before continuing. Teams had to drive themselves to Berlin to the Brandenberg gate.

The clue at the gate told teams to make their way to the rooftop of a very tall building, where, naturally, nothing good can happen. Yup, a "base fly" of 37 storeys. Essentially they're jumping off the roof with a rope attached. That's ... terrifying.

After peeing their pants, the Detour was building a model train track, or transporting giant neon letters. The YouTubers were the only team to build the model train tracks. Everyone else carried letters to the museum of giant neon letters. No joke. Worst. Museum. Ever. The Hockey Brothers dropped one of their letters, shattered it and so made the choice to do the other detour instead. Which sounded like a massive overreaction.

Max and Katie, who have been in the lead pretty much this entire leg, were the first to finish and were off to some weird German dance club where she had to navigate this nightmare inducing psychedelic labyrinth.

The pit stop was "the Fifth Avenue of Berlin", which had a long German name I couldn't dare spell correctly. Max and Katie, the newlyweds, won the leg. They each won the sponsor car of the show. Which I'm not naming. Because they're not paying me a massive sponsorship fee.

The Hockey Brothers fell way behind due to the unnecessary switching of detours. The only thing potentially keeping them in the game at this point was the Roller Derby Moms were so utterly lost I'm pretty sure they were in France. One of them even said they were driving around like chickens with their heads cut off, which was ridiculous, because chickens don't drive.

The YouTubers were team 2. He loved the psychedelic maze, by the way.

The Hockey Brothers and Roller Girls basically arrived at the wacky maze at the same time.

The Country Singers were team 3.

And now it's a race to the finish between hockey skaters and roller skaters. The Hockey Brothers made it to the mat about 10 seconds ahead of the Roller Girls. And it's a non-elimination leg, so all the drama of the last few minutes was for nothing. Thanks, CBS.

Next week: Scotland. And a double U-Turn.


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