Survivor Caramoan Episode 9 Spoiler Review

The show opens with sad piano music and shots of monkey, and I'm worried my DVR has recorded the wrong show. A show about sad monkeys. Reynold notices that every girl who he associates with gets voted out. Malcolm realizes that he now has the only idol no one knows about. Secret Agent Man is wearing Oakleys in a very similar style to the ones I used to wear. My respect for him went up a bit. He inducts Sherri into Stealth R Us. She tells the camera that Secret Agent Man is crazy. Duh.

The reward challenge was a dock jumping variation of water polo. The reward was a waterfall rappel to a picnic. The tribe divided into two teams of 5, which left Sherri on the sidelines. The team of Erik, Eddie, Cochrane, Reynold and Michael won. Cochran wasn't too sure about the whole going down a waterfall on a rope thing, noting he not only rarely leaves his apartment, he rarely leaves Twitter. This guy is awesome. And he did well. The talk turned to an all-guys alliance, "let's bro down" and get the girls out. Cochran went along with it but was privately not on board, saying he didn't want to be engaging in any masculine tomfoolery with those numbskulls. That's pretty much a direct quote. Again, he's awesome.

Back at camp, Malcolm consolidated his alliance, working Sherri and Dawn to his side. Dawn figured that was an opening to blindside Malcolm instead. Sherri and Dawn went to Andrea with Malcolm's plan and they all thought getting rid of Malcolm was a great idea.

Andrea and Eddie snuck off to the lagoon to "island date". Apparently, they're having some Survivor fling, although I think this is the first time we've had any indication of it. Or I slept through several episodes, which is possible. Andrea tried to work him for information on whether Malcolm had an idol.

The immunity challenge involved putting the Survivors under a metal grate in the tide, with the gradual reduction of breathing space inducing panic. Ah, a REAL challenge. Tremendous! Secret Agent Man was the first to bail as the water crested the grate more than an hour in. The final two were Andrea and Brenda. Andrea bailed after a valiant struggle and Brenda won immunity.

Dawn convinces Malcolm to get Reynold to show her his idol, and he does, but with the warning that if he gets a hint that Dawn is going to screw him, he'll play the idol himself. Meanwhile, Eddie confronted Andrea about whether there was vote splitting going on and whether he was i danger. Andrea danced around it all except to say that it wasn't Eddie. But Eddie said if Reynold plays his idol, he (Eddie) is going home. The end result of the conversation was Andrea realizing she should be going home. She scrambles to get the "safe" vote for Michael. Andrea and Dawn have a jungle talk in which Dawn cried about how the plan was all falling apart.

At Tribal Council, Secret Agent Man starts talking about Stealth R Us, to grins and groans and eye rolling from the rest of the tribe. Jeff starts stirring the pot talking about idols saving people who are being targeted.

A little rant: In HD, I really, really hate the hot air rising from the fire air distortion thing at Tribal. You have this pristine HD picture that constantly goes out of focus because of the hot air coming off the fire at Tribal Council.

Reynold tried to play his immunity idol, but Malcolm stopped him, got Reynold to give him the idol and Malcolm played it (even though Malcolm already has one). Wow! And them Malcolm got no votes, Reynold got really upset, and Michael got voted out. So Reynold burns his idol, Malcolm burns Reynold and Michael got burned. That's a lot of fire.

Next time: Dawn has a breakdown.


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