Survivor Caramoan Episode 10 Spoiler Review

Watching last week's recap, it struck me how they can cram an hour's worth of narrative into a 90 second video package. Maybe I should be reviewing these on a week's delay and just use the previous episode recap instead.

So, Dawn had this giant meltdown. Sobbing, blubbering meltdown. It had something to do with losing a retainer with fake teeth in it in the water. Brenda went diving for it and found it.

The reward challenge was a muddy obstacle course. They were divided into 2 teams of 5 for a resort spa and lunch. The team of Secret Agent Man, Erik, Reynold, Dawn and Cochran won. Secret Agent Man jumped right into the pool without showering off the mud and rice from the challenge. And then he got naked.

Dawn became convinced that Andrea will flip and vote her (Dawn) out. This led to another Dawn meltdown. And then she had a good night's sleep and she was fine.

Secret Agent Man led a group meeting of Stealth R Us to figure out who they were voting off at Tribal. They decided to put 4 votes to Reynold and 3 to Malcolm to flush out any idols. They all agreed this was a great plan and nothing could go wrong. Which means Reynold is winning immunity.

The immunity challenge involved floating platforms, some swimming and life preservers. Secret Agent Man decided to sit out because of childhood trauma involving water. And, yes, Reynold won immunity. God bless CBS's video editors for that fantastic bit of foreshadowing in the previous scenes.

The plan changed to splitting the votes between Malcolm and Eddie. Malcolm and Eddie decided to go look for an idol. So did Andrea and Dawn. They all ended searching together. Malcolm found (another) idol and made sure everyone knew it. So the plan became to get rid of Eddie but still put votes to Malcolm to force him to play the idol. Eddie realized he was dead man walking although I'm wondering if there's still a blindside afoot, as there seems to be no actual drama left in tonight's episode.

Ah, and here it is. Malcolm pulls out the other immunity idol and gives it to Eddie. BEFORE THEY VOTE. OK, that's awesome, as his entire alliance is safe for another night. And the looks on everyone else's faces was priceless. So the Stealth R Us start whispering amongst each other as to who they're going to have to vote off from their alliance. And then Malcolm announces that his alliance is voting for Secret Agent Man because he's "the fun sponge - he sucks it out of the group."

Eddie and Malcolm did, in fact, play their idols, nullifying their votes. And Secret Agent Man was voted out! There were a lot of wide eyes.

Next week: Reynold, Eddie and Malcolm try to break the other alliance, and Cochran is awesome still.


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