The Amazing Race 22 Episode 10 Spoiler Review

CBS advertised CBS Season 10 and 11 on DVD just before this show started. Really? There's some kind of pent-up demand for seasons from five or more years ago? I would think that putting them on iTunes or even Netflix would be a better idea, but I don't run a major television network. Which, if I did, would have more professional wrestling and mixed martial arts on it than it does now.

At any rate, teams from this season (available on DVD in 2019) are on their way to Scotland. Which I've been to and is really beautiful place. Max and Katie found an early flight online while everyone else went to the closed airport. Some teams couldn't get on the 1 p.m. arrival flight and were not getting in until 4. Max and Katie were on a flight that got in at 10:40 a.m. And then the hockey brothers and the country singers also found the 10:40 flight. Max and Katie weren't happy to see the other teams on "their" flight.

In Scotland, the country girls drove off with the parking brake on. Fortunately, they discovered it before burning out their ... clutch? Transmission? I don't drive stick.

The Roadblock was learning to play a harmonizing note on the bagpipes. And they had to wear a kilt, too. A lot of droning ensued. From there, it was off to a castle to search fireplaces. Unlit, I would hope. The Country Singers struggled with the bagpipes, as did Meghan from Team YouTube.

The Detour was a choice between making and eating haggis (which is surprisingly good - or, at least, the stuff I ate in Scotland was good) or rolling whiskey barrels. The hockey brothers did the whiskey barrels but carried them instead of rolling them. So we assume they're getting penalized for it. Max and Katie made haggis and Robert Burns came in and recited a haggis poem. That took a lot of guts. (Booo!)

The Hockey Brothers U-turned the YouTubers. Max and Katie U-Turned the Roller Derby Moms. The Country Girls made haggis and flirted with Robbie Burns. Mona and Beth, the Roller Derby Moms, had to play Scottish bowling, which was 10-pin using balls without the holes. They had to get a strike.

Max and Katie were Team 1. The Hockey Brothers were team 2, and there was no indication of an assessed penalty, so either there wasn't one, or they were so far ahead of team 3 it didn't matter.

Roller Derby and YouTube both ended up looking for clues in the castle fireplaces at the same time. At this point, neither team realizes they're doing both detours.

The country singers were team 3.

The YouTubers took the bizarre strategy of both of them rolling a single whiskey barrel at a time to do it faster? Yeah. Fail.

The Roller Derby Moms were team 4, and still in the race. Team YouTube signed off.

Next week: The 2 hour finale.


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