Survivor Caramoan Episode 11 Spoiler Review

Now that Stealth R Us is dead, Erik has suddenly realized that he actually has free will and can vote for who he wants. It's an amazing revelation.

It's Brenda's turn to have a meltdown and Dawn is the voice of reason.

It's food auction time! I'll spare you my semi-annual rant about how NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO PLAY IT! Malcolm got peanuts and beer for $20. Reynold bought a blind item for $180 and then Jeff did the "let's make a deal" and gave him a choice of 3 covered items. He got a single piece of pizza. The other two items were the rest of the pizza or a coconut. Sherri called out a $500 bid for the rest of the pizza and Jeff let her do it. Dawn bought a roast chicken for $500 (OK, maybe some people do know how to play the game.)

Malcolm bid $480 for "information" and no one outbid him. (FOOLS!) It was directions to the buried hidden immunity idol.

Andrea spent $280 for spaghetti and meatballs. Or she could give it up for rice and beans for the entire tribe.  She did the selfless thing. And she'll get voted off anyway.

Cochran paid $340 for an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Brenda spent $300 ... and bought pig brain. That really sucks. She took it and ate it anyway.

Letters to loved ones went for $20 each. Malcolm, Sherri and Dawn were out of money so they were out of the running.

Eddie paid $200 for a giant bowl of peanut butter for the entire tribe. They had 60 seconds to devour it. It wasn't nearly as messy as I had hoped.

Reynold and Malcolm talked about getting Erik and Sherri into their alliance and trying to take out Cochran.

Malcolm went digging for the idol before daybreak, and Cochran and Andrea caught him and basically sat around and wouldn't let him be alone. So Malcolm had to abandon his digging.

The immunity challenge was holding up a heavy log with a rope with one hand. At regular intervals, the rope went down a notch. Cochran got to take his up 2 notches over the course of the challenge as his advantage from the auction. Reynold, Eddie and Cochran were the final 3. Cochran won again. That was the best $340 he's ever spent. And, at this point, wouldn't him winning the entire show be so satisfying?

The usual post-immunity challenge chatter contained the phrase, "If I didn't have diarrhea I wouldn't be so nervous."

No hidden immunity idols were played (as Malcolm didn't find it).

The vote was a three-way tie between Reynold, Malcolm and Andrea. They revoted. And Malcolm was booted.

Next week: The Alliance of Six starts to fall apart.


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