The Amazing Race 22 Episode 8 Spoiler Review

After a week off for the Country Music Awards, Amazing Race returns tonight on some channel not delayed by the Masters golf tournament, which finished up this evening following a sudden death playoff that seemed to last 15 days, in which one of the golfers, apparently, died. Suddenly. Or maybe that's just a figure of speech.

From Africa, teams have to fly to Zurich, Switzerland. Of course, all the teams are on the same flight. So the hockey brothers must be so happy they used their Fast Forward to get such a big lead to have it disappear. Teams had to take a train to Grindelwald, which was actually 3 trains. A couple of the teams missed the connection in Bern. Once in Grindelwald, they all had to wait for a shepherd to bring them next clue ... in the morning. ANOTHER equalizer. The clue was ANOTHER train to Kleine Somethingorother to a historic hotel. Mr. Mullet got on the nerves of Mrs Mullet because she was running too slow. After picking up a rescue dog, teams had to - wait for it - TAKE ANOTHER TRAIN. To somewhere. To do something. We're 20 minutes into this show. If your name is Sheldon Cooper and you love trains, this is the episode for you.

Teams dropped their dogs at the top of a mountain with a rescue team. Mr. and Mrs. Mullet continued bickering. He said the dog ran faster than her. She said he could sleep with the dog tonight. That's ruff. Finally, teams got the Roadblock, and it was a climb up a vertical mountain cliff. But before that, more train riding. The mountain climb was basically a horizontal shuffle on a ledge. It was very high up, but not terribly dangerous given the safety equipment they were wearing. Teams had to rescue a gnome, which had their next clue. If you think it said, "TRAVEL BY TRAIN" then you've been paying attention tonight.

All the teams except YouTube and the Mullets got on the first train from the mountain.

Back in Grindelwald, the teams picked up their next clue, which did not involve taking a train. It did involve cheese. They had to use a sled to transport 200 lbs of cheese from a shed to a barn at the bottom of a hill. Much hilarity is about to ensue. The hill was so steep it required a climbing rope. Katie had a lot of problems getting up the hill. A lot of the teams decided to have the cheese push them down the hill to try to control the descent. A lot of people got run over by their cheese as a result. This task included the quip, "My cheese is out of control." And she meant it, too.

From there, it was off to the Pit Stop.

The Hockey Brothers were Team 1. They won a trip to Bora Bora.

The Mullets and YouTube were battling for the basement. The YouTubers were first up Cheese Mountain, while Mrs. Mullet struggled to climb the rope while Mr. Mullet was his usual non-helpful self.

Roller Derby Moms were team 2. Kate and Max were held up by cows but finished third. Country Singers were fourth.

The Mullets decided to roll their cheese down the hill and chase it. The YouTubers had trouble finding the pit stop and walked about 100 miles to try to find taxis while complaining about the cold. Amazingly, after a horrible leg, the Mullets were team 5, but it turned out rolling the cheese wheels was against the rules, so they got a 30 minute penalty. The YouTubers walked the entire way to the pit stop and were saved by the 30 minute penalty to the Mullets, who were eliminated.

Next week: Teams fall off buildings.


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