Survivor Caramoan Episode 8 Spoiler Review

Secret Agent Man tells Corinne and Dawn after Tribal Council that he threw the challenge. He was lying. They knew he was lying. He didn't know they knew he was lying. What a great intelligence officer he is. Corinne declared him, and I quote, "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs."

A boat arrived to pick up Malcolm's tribe to take them to the home of the Disciples of Secret Agent Man. They all enjoyed the traditional merge feast and lime green buffs. They decide to call themselves Enil Edam. Which is Malcolm's mom backwards but he convinced them meant "new beginnings". Secret Agent Man pulls Andrea aside, drops Boston Rob's name again, and tries to pull her back into the Illuminati, or whatever he's calling his group of code-named supposed followers. Corinne and Malcolm plotted a move with a fragile six-person alliance to try to blindside someone.

The immunity challenge was GROSS FOOD! Heat 1 was live beetle larva, which pretty much escaped the plates. Andrea, Malcolm and Eddie won the heat. Heat 2 was the same, just with the other half of the crew. Cochran, Secret Agent Man, and Michael moved on. Heats 3 was "ship worms" which are a type of termite-style clam that bores through boats. Malcolm, Eddie and Cochran moved on. Heat 4 was duck embryos (balut). Cochran and Malcolm were the finalists. I had pizza for supper, by the way. Home made. My wife makes great pizza.

The final food item was pig brains. Cochrane won immunity. Good for him! He really needs his own show of some kind. He's fantastic.

Secret Agent Man told Corinne how the vote was going down, with split votes and stuff. She wasn't down for that. Corinne went to Dawn to get her onto the new alliance of breaking up the Favorites to blindside Secret Agent Man. Dawn told Cochrane about Corinne's plan and they rallied to get a counter-alliance to get at least six people to vote out Corinne. Cochran told Andrea. She told Secret Agent Man. He tried to get Sherri. Erik, who hasn't said 2 words the entire game and has had as much camera time as I have had on this show, was suddenly thrust into the role of the swing vote and admitted he was confused because he was getting told different things from different people. Not sure what game he thinks he's playing.

At Tribal Council, there were broad hints thrown by several people that the game may be turning upside down. And, there was quite the blindside, as Corinne was voted off with 7 votes.

Next week: Malcolm makes his move, and Eddie flirts with Andrea.


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