Survivor Redemption Island Episode 8 Recap

It's merge day on Survivor, and the winner of the duel gets to go back into the game. Matt went into the duel with a cut on the bottom of his foot that he wondered would hinder him. And, of course, the duel task was to stand on narrow footholds. So Matt was at a disadvantage. Jeff asked Phillip a question during the challenge and he spoke for about 4 days.

Amazingly, Matt won again and he's back in the game. The dude is unreal.

Curiously, the Redemption Island concept continues with the merged tribe. Which means Matt could be right back there. Wacky.

Matt and his cute chick Andrea, plotted to overthrow their tribe and get rid of Rob.

The individual immunity challenge involved balancing balls on a disc while balancing on a log. Natalie (who may be making her first appearance in these recaps) won the first individual immunity.

After the challenge, Matt changed his mind about flipping and decided to stay with his original tribe. And then he told Rob what he and Andrea were planning and basically threw Andrea under the bus, which she didn't appreciate. And Rob decided he needed to vote Matt out again.

At Tribal Council, Phillip went on another crazy rant about ... something. He got wildly laughed at. The discussion largely turned around Matt being the key vote.

Ralph gave his hidden immunity idol to Mike, who played it. But the votes went 5 for Grant, 1 for Steve and 6 for Matt. So Matt is voted out again to Redemption Island, and one of the immunity idols was flushed out.

So Matt is now the first person to be voted out of the same Survivor game twice.

Next week: Phillip, still ... Oh, you know the drill.


Anonymous said…
Have you never seen pearl islands someone got voted out twice because of the outcast twist
Ninjawill said…
hey who voted for who though
Unknown said…
I did see Pearl Islands but forgot about that twist. Thanks for the reminder.
Ninjawill said…
hey who voted for who though

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