The Amazing Race Unfinished Business Episode 8 Recap

The teams left India for Austria. The Cowboys were the only team - again - not to be on the same flight as everyone else.

The teams got their first clue via video message in their Product Placement Vehicle. And we saw it over and over with each team. Except for Gary and Mallory, who couldn't activate their message.

In Vienna, teams had to either deliver a couch or eat a big meal on a Ferris wheel (in a timed rotation.) Kisha and Jen failed at eating the food. So did Zev and Justin. Gary and Mallory also failed. Mallory dutifully offered to throw up and try again. Really. (Her dad said no.)

The number of teams who had to do both parts of the detour let the Cowboys catch up. I've also determined that Kent and Vyxsin have a very dysfunctional relationship.

The teams then headed to Salzburg where they had to chimney sweep. It didn't seem particularly difficult or challenging.

Zev and Justin finished the leg first, and they each won the Product Placement Vehicle.

Gary and Mallory finished last. But it was a non-elimination leg. So they live to race another day.

Next week: Fondue!


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