Welsh Road Sign Features Email Auto-Reply

Welsh Road Sign Features Email Auto-Reply Instead of Correct Translation | Gadget Lab from Wired.com
What happens when people place too much trust in technology? Sometimes, the result is dangerous (sheep-like belief in GPS, for example). Other times, the layers of hilarity are startling. Take this story, a tale of bureaucracy and institutionalized ignorance from Wales.


Jodie Kane said…
This is one of those stories where if there wasn't photographic evidence, no-one would believe it. It couldn't possibly happen because obviously, the out of office would be in both English and Welsh. And even if it wasn't, it wouldn't matter because the official would have twigged that however good the translation agency is, it's going to take longer than three seconds to get the text back. Or, even better, that the email would at least have started with "Hello" and ended with "regards" or something similar.

Bit of a comedy of errors really...

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