UFC 91: Couture versus Lesnar!

The big fight is this Saturday, and here's my entirely unscientific look at why (insert fighter's name here) will win.

Randy will beat Brock because:
  • He's Randy Freaking Couture. He always finds a way to win.
  • He's way more skilled and talented in the Octagon than Brock.
  • Did I mention he's Randy Couture?
Brock will beat Randy because:
  • Have you seen this man?
  • No, seriously. Did you see him destroy Heath Herring?
  • He's HUGE and POWERFUL and will rip Randy's arms off his body and beat him into submission WITH IS OWN ARMS.
As far as my own personal prediction, I'm sitting entirely on the fence on this one. I can see Brock bull rush Randy, clock him, take him down and pummel him. I can also see Randy keep his distance, run Brock ragged for five rounds and win a decision.


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