Why do companies do this?

I'm trying to buy a new watch. I found a really sweet titanium-carbide gold watch from A Certain Watch Company.

So I start researching the best price for it. I find it at an online store for $215. But they don't ship that brand of watch to Canada.

I call my local jewelery store. They can't get it for me because A Certain Watch Company doesn't sell that model in Canada.

I find another online store, and, yup, they won't sell it to me because A Certain Watch Company doesn't authorize American watch models to be sold outside the US.

And, of course, A Certain Watch Company's Canadian website doesn't have the particular model I want.

I could, however, get someone in the US to buy it for me and mail it to me, but I can't actually BUY it from Canada.

So ... I want to give A Certain Watch Company money and they won't let me. Dumb.


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