Mike's Music Review: Skillet - Comatose Comes Alive

This finally arrived in my mailbox today after a too-long wait to get it over the border. Fortunately, it was absolutely worth the wait: a total of 21 tracks (including 6 downloadable) on the CD, and a live concert DVD with its own bonus features, and it cost me less than $20. (See? That's how you sell people on actually buying music: Give them lots of stuff for a decent price. On a per-song cost, this album is absolutely cheap.)

Comatose is a great rock album, and the live version is just as good. Gotta love any band that uses orchestral strings to back up crunchy alternative/arena rock. I got through most of the DVD tonight, and I'm listening to the album on my iPod as I type this, and this is going to be one of those albums that I play over and over and over again until the CD melts in my car stereo.

And right now, I'm enjoying the heck out of the multi-vocal "Yours to Hold" which features pretty much everyone in the band taking turns on the song, including the band's brand-new 18-year-old drummer, Jen Ledger.

Big thumbs up.


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