Mike's Music Review - Downhere - Ending is Beginning

OK, I promised a review of the album tonight, and circumstances have conspired to make it shorter than I wanted it to be. No song-by-song review. Just some overall thoughts.

It's a fantastic album - sonically and lyrically. I think my favorite song at this point is Don't Miss Now, which has a great piano hook and some stunning harmonies, and actually reminded me of a post-Peter Cetera Chicago song at times.

One thing I noticed listening to it going to work this morning is how some of the songs on Ending is Beginning would have not sounded at all out of place on a Starfield album. (That's a compliment, by the way - to both bands.)

Finally, Chris Sligh has some very kind words about Ending is Beginning. I think, "You must, must, must check out this album" pretty much sums it up.


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