Why does Amazon list 2 different prices for a Kindle book?

The "Related Items" section of Amazon.com shows this for Tom Clancy's new book. It's clearly $12.99 for the Kindle edition.

Click through and you see this. The price has jumped to $18.04.
Anyone want to take a shot as to an explanation?


ConundrumNYC said…
The books are priced differently for US customers and international customers. US kindle owners get the cheaper price, I think Canada gets the same price (but not entirely sure), and the international Kindle owners (who had theirs shipped in a foreign country) can buy the same books at a higher price range.

You must have not signed in when you looked at the prices. You can check the upper left corner of the website and it should say United States. If you choose a different country, you will see the difference in prices.

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