The Amazing Race 19 - Episode 11 Spoiler Review

The penultimate (such a great word) episode of The Amazing Race started with the racers dressing as two characters from The Adventures of Tin-Tin - Johnson and Johnson (or the other names they went by), the detectives (No, I don't know who they are, either). The snowboarders thought it was related to Charlie Chaplin, and fell behind.

Nine minutes in, Marcus made a football metaphor. Sigh. Well, I can only hope that if they win it all, he spikes Phil in the end zone. That would make it all worth it.

From Belgium, it was off to Panama City, Panama. Everyone were on the same train and plane (I checked on Expedia - it's an 18 hour flight. That's gotta suck.) It was off to a tribal village where they had to get ... tattooed!? Oh, they weren't real. But they were the next clue, sending them to the San Francisco Towers in Panama City to walk a tightrope between buildings. The Detour was a choice between going to a giant fish market and delivering fish to vendors, or making sandals from a piece of leather.

Then it was off to watch people dance in a square, where the clue to the pitstop was hidden on the costumes of the dancers. The snowboarders thought the clue was "Balboa." They went to the Panama Canal. Then they went to the Balboa statue. Amani and Marcus and Ernie and Cindy also interpreted the clue as Balboa.

Jeremy and Sandy thought the clue was Panama Viejo. Their cab driver told the other cab drivers. Except for the snowboarders, who ended up broken off from the pack and back at the dancers. They also figured out it was Panama Viejo.

Jeremy and Sandy were Team No. 1. They screamed a lot. Ernie and Cindy were second. Amani and Marcus were third. Sadly, Andy and Tommy, the snowboarders, were eliminated, after winning six legs of the race. Marcus, amazingly, didn't make a football analogy. Instead, it was a David and Goliath comparison. Which was better than a football analogy.

Next week: The finale.


Strategicfool said…
Andy and Tommy made a fatal strategic mistake. They should stay with the pack and not go off by themself. The strategy is not necessary to win this leg but not to be the last team of this leg. By stay with other teams, they will not be the last team if it is a foot race to the pit stop. By going off by themself, either they win this leg by big margin or be the last team if a mistake is made, which turned out to be the case.

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