The Amazing Race 19 Season Finale Spoiler Review

It's the season finale of The Amazing Race, the show where typically the first 56 minutes doesn't matter and it all comes down to who gets the best cab driver at the end.

The teams had to fly from Panama City to the final destination of Atlanta, Georgia - where Amani and Marcus live. Marcus made a foot- WAIT!? He made a BASKETBALL metaphor!? Well, that's ... better. ACK! AND THEN IT WAS FOOTBALL METAPHOR AFTER FOOTBALL METAPHOR! WE GET IT! YOU USED TO PLAY FOOTBALL! But, please, English has so much more to offer than football metaphors. Heaven help us if they win.

The teams had to use a Lear Jet flight simulator to "land a plane." OK, that's cool. Jeremy and Sandy nailed it on their first try. Ernie and Cindy got it quickly and moved on. Marcus and Amani virtually crashed several times. No football metaphors were to be had, but it's good to know that Marcus does not have a future as an airline pilot.

From there, it was off to "the dump" - the former residence of Margaret Mitchell. And, of course, the taxi drivers in Atlanta didn't know what the major attractions were in Atlanta. Teams had to use a typewriter to type out their next clue, which led them to Turner Field. Jeremy and Sandy ended up at a Home Depot. (Don't ask.) Meanwhile, it took Marcus and Amani 12 attempts to land their fake Lear Jet. Marcus made football metaphors. Again.

At Turner Field, the teams had to map out their entire race on a giant map that was about 50 feet off the ground. Ernie and Cindy were the first team to finish, and headed to Swan House for the finish line. Their cab driver's GPS knew one phrase: "Recalculating." Jeremy and Sandy slipped a bit on the big map, but quickly headed out in hot pursuit. Marcus and Amani fumbled the ball on the 10 yard line in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. (SEE! I CAN DO IT TOO!)

And the winners of the Amazing Race: Ernie and Cindy!

Jeremy and Sandy were second. Marcus and Amani were third (down and long). And he exited the show making football metaphors. Of course he did.


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