Survivor South Pacific - Episode 12 Spoiler Review

Edna refused to participate in the morning tribe prayer because Russell Hantz's Nephew revealed at Tribal Council that she was the next to go. Russell Hantz's Nephew came back with Tree Mail that contained videos from home via BIG SPONSORSHIP PHONE DEAL. Everyone cried. Except me. And my cats.

The duel was Ozzy vs. Cochran. With a twist! The duel was grappling hooks, bags and table mazes. Ozzy won perhaps the closest duel of the season - a real nail biter. Cochran was defeated by his hero and ends up on the jury. Cochran cried but got a nice round of applause.

Jeff brought out the Loved Ones (tm) of the remaining survivors. There was much weeping. Rick (whose name may be appearing in my recaps tonight for the first time ALL SEASON) copped a feel on his wife. What a romantic guy. Russell Hantz's Nephew embraced Russell Hantz's Brother while Survivor played weird Lord of the Rings style Shire music. Ozzy had to choose one person to spend with their loved one. He picked Albert and his mom. And then he got to choose one more. He picked Coach. Then Jeff said pick a third person. The Hantz's were reunited. Rick, Edna and Sophie didn't get any Loved One (tm) time.

Coach pitched Ozzy a Final 3 scenario, the two of them and an un-named third person. Ozzy decided he was down for that and they agreed.

Russell Hantz's Nephew told Russell Hantz's Brother he was going to play the rest of the game with honor and integrity, but Russell Hantz's Brother wasn't down for that, and told him he needed to go for the gold. (I'm now predicting that Russell Hantz's Brother will be on an upcoming season of Survivor.) Russell Hantz's Brother went to Coach to try to pitch Coach on keeping Russell Hantz's Nephew in the game.

The immunity challenge was a giant pineapple puzzle piece game. Marcus made a football an- Oh, sorry, wrong show. Coach won individual immunity. Edna spent most of the challenge complaining.

Edna compared Russell Hantz's Nephew's behavor to beating your wife and then buying her a diamond necklace to apologize. Huh.

Sophie noted the Survivors weren't as forgiving of Russell Hantz's Nephew as Jesus.

Edna pitched that Russell Hantz's Nephew wasn't playing the game with honor and integrity and said he didn't deserve to be in the game. Edna also pitched to Coach to give her the idol.

In the end, all of Edna's pitching didn't work - she was voted to Redemption Island. Russell Hantz's Nephew lives to annoy us another day.

Next week: The Final Five blow apart. And they tease that Edna whomps Ozzy in the duel.


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