Survivor South Pacific - Episode 13 Spoiler Review

It's the penultimate episode of Survivor South Pacific. It's the final five. Which means this close alliance that has stuck together since Day 1 now has to tear itself apart. Muahahahahahah! Indeed, Coach notes "The real game begins tonight." YOU MEAN I'VE BEEN WATCHING THE REST OF THE SEASON FOR NOTHING!?

The epic duel between Ozzy and Edna was about a slide puzzle and puzzle cubes. Ozzy jumped out to an early lead, but the peanut gallery went to work helping Edna solve the puzzle cubes. But Ozzy won - despite the creative editing of last week's preview. So Edna is done and on the jury and Ozzy lives to battle another day.

Coach and Sophie had a conversation that included the phrase "Ozzy's Pleasure Dome." Yeah.

The top half of the show was very Albert-centric. And as someone who has not mentioned Albert in pretty much any of my recaps, I'm not going to start now.

Russell Hantz's Nephew won immunity, which threw a big wrench is Coach's plan to vote him off. He picked Rick, who has been a total non-entity to join him in eating pizza in front of the others. Sophie decided they should go after Albert instead. Everyone confronted Albert and yelled at him. And then Russell Hantz's Nephew decided that he didn't want to vote out Albert and told Albert that he'd give him the immunity necklace. And then he told Coach this.

Lo and behold at tribal council, Russell Hantz's Nephew just blurted out he was giving his immunity necklace to Albert before Jeff could get out two words. And then Russell Hantz's Nephew told a story about being in a gang. He's a strange dude. And we were reminded that Coach has the hidden immunity idol, which I think everyone else had forgotten. Somehow the conversation turned to whether Albert would give the immunity necklace back to Russell Hantz's Nephew. Albert declined the opportunity to give it back despite Russell Hantz's Nephew now claiming he didn't feel safe.

When the votes were tallied, Russell Hantz's Nephew was dispatched to Redemption Island and we now have a new contender for "dumbest move ever in the game."

SUNDAY: The final duel, with either Ozzy or Russell Hantz's Nephew getting back in the game. And we finally get a winner of this season.


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