Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - Episode 6

Oooohh, we got a good one tonight! Russell proved once again why he's the best Survivor player in history by manipulating what should have been his sure doom into a total blindside of Tyson by getting Tyson to change his vote in a Boston Rob complex plan of force-a-tie-get-Russell-to-play-his-immunity idol-take-out-Russell-or-Parvarti. The result was Russell giving his idol to Pavarti (it's probably spelled wrong, I don't care) and the Tyson going home. The look on Boston Rob's face was priceless.

And it was double elimination night and the Heroes tribe finally voted out Big James, the Mass Made of Glass.

Next week on Thursday: Rob decides that Russell has to go. Hmmm.... I've heard that before. It's never turned out that well for the person targeting Russell.


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