The Amazing Race - Episode 6

Sorry for the late post, but TAR was delayed due to basketball, and my cable package only offers me east coast feeds on American channels, not Canadian ones, so I had to wait until my "local" CBS channel from Detroit showed this.

At any rate ... So, did you know Joan of Arc saved all the animals on the earth during the flood? Yeah. And people in France don't speak very good English? And half the teams ended up in the wrong town - the Cowboys doing it twice. An episode that didn't exactly showcase anything terribly positive about Americans in the world. But it was fun to watch and mock.

The Detectives finished first. Again. Team Big Brother ended up going home, which was a minor surprise as Caite and Brent got the "going home" edit, as all they did was bicker and fight and blame each other the entire episode. But, all is not lost, as in next week's episode, Brent threatens to quit the race.


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