Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - Episode 4

Apparently, I didn't give enough love to last week's episode and, to be fair to me, I was tired and grumpy last Thursday, and that undoubtedly affected my review. I still think it was only "fine" but I don't think I properly conveyed my enjoyment of the one-sided beating in the immunity/reward challenge. So, that part was great. The rest of the show was still only fine.

Tonight's show, on the other hand, was a big whole bag of fun - the Villains cleaned up in both the reward and immunity challenges, Coach was entirely full of himself, and tribal council was one of those nail-biters thanks to Tom's hidden immunity idol. In the end, Cirie got blindsided and ended up going home.

Next week: Candice realizes she's now on the losing end of the alliances on the Heroes tribe, and someone else ends up needing medical care in a challenge. Oh, and Russell continues to look for the immunity idol on the Villains camp.


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