Tuesday night random thoughts

I'm still here. Busy week. Put up lots of content last week, and going lighter this week. However, in the spirit of Twitter, here's some short-burst random thoughts: Raw last night was one of the better episodes I've seen this year. Nice to see the WWE finally pulling the trigger on some new guys, at least for this week ... I've determined that I can sing harmony better in the key of D than C. I have no idea why that is ... The UFC Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights came out a couple of weeks ago. I ordered it from Amazon.ca, and on shipping day, was sent an email it was delayed by several weeks. I've since ordered it from Amazon.com. When it comes in and after I've watched it, I'll post some thoughts... I ran 4 miles on Saturday, 6 miles on Sunday and 3 miles yesterday. Pretty happy about that. ... Ummm, that's it. I'm really tired.


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