Starfield concert review

Starfield rolled into town last night for their Reign In Us Tour and it was everything I expected.

They started with a standard rock concert kind of set, then switched to an acoustic worship set, and after an intermission finished with what they called their rocking party-time set. I didn't have a stop watch on Starfield, but they must have played for close to 90 minutes in total, which was impressive. They did virtually all the songs I wanted them to play, including their new one, The Saving One, which they typically do in concert back-to-back with Mighty To Save. It was great to hear it live.

My only complaint - I SAID, MY ONLY COMPLAINT - is that the concert was loud.


Like, the loudest concert I've attended in some time. OK, I was sitting in the front row, but I was almost that close for the Downhere show last month (third row), and it wasn't anywhere near as loud. I'd kind of like Starfield to explain what part of giving glory to God at a worship concert comes from losing your hearing.

Aside from that, though, Starfield was a really enjoyable show.

The big surprise of the night, though, was the opening band Article One. Who has been hiding these guys from the world? They were tremendous. The only song from them I'd ever heard was Without You (I'm Not Alright) and it was a song that, in my mind, was only OK.

But live, they put a whole new energy in it and tore the house down. Their lead vocalist has a fabulous voice. Plus, they've got this utterly insanely talented rock n' roll violin player who absolutely blew away the crowd. I was hugely impressed by these guys.


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